• Lindsey

What We Can Learn from a Legend

I'm not sure about you, but we are big time sports fans in our house.. Yesterday was sort of surreal for us because even though we didn't know Kobe Bryant personally, that's what sports do.. It makes you feel like you know the players because you watch them over the years through all the good and bad.. You cheer for them and you see how they impact their communities and kids that look up to them. Their lives are lived in the spotlight and they become a household name...

Even though sometimes you just can't make sense of tragedies, or have the words to say... You feel the feelings of loss, emotions for the family and just that gut wrenching feeling in your stomach that life is precious... This could happen to anyone.. We can never take even just one moment for granted, because we never truly know if it will be our last. No one expected this to happen.. His family didn't know that would be the last time they would see him.. The world wasn't ready to lose a basketball legend that just seemed too young to be taken...He was a one of a kind player that doesn't come around often.

What hurts the most is the pictures of his family, the videos of him and his daughter GiGi playing together and sitting court-side talking about the game.. She was following in the footsteps of her dad. They were on their way to her basketball practice that he coached.. He was a Dad.. He retired from playing 20 seasons of basketball and made his focus on his family.. You could see the joy and content in his eyes when he was with his family. He wasn't just a player, he had 4 beautiful daughters and a beautiful wife.. He was a son, a brother, a friend to many...

Even though it doesn't seem fair, I remind myself that life isn't fair.. This doesn't just happen to stars or celebrities, people lose loved ones every single day... It's just not covered all over the media.. Our lives are precious and to think for a minute that yours isn't is a lie.. People love and care about you.. Even if you're not being told every day. Life is too short to be worrying about the things we can't control.. It's too short to be upset with others for little things or to not forgive those who have hurt us.. The amazing hope that we have through our pain, loss and suffering is that of Eternal Life.. Jesus died on the cross for our sins so that we would ultimately know God and be saved by having life beyond what's here on Earth for us..

I just pray that all who were lost in this horrible tragedy knew our Loving Father and are looking down from Heaven right now, and are playing in paradise... I pray that God will help give his wife and girls, family and friends the strength, comfort and love they desperately need during this time... It's just too hard to imagine losing your spouse and a child at the same time... I can't mentally grasp that.. He was known for having "Mamba Mentality" and I pray that his family can have that sort of strength to get through this, carry on his legend... Even though he may just seem like a basketball player to you, or you might not have even liked him, he's a human with a family who will miss him and their sweet girl, Gianna very much.. Go with God, Kobe.




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