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The Little Things, Touches and Spaces

I've always loved hunting for the little things to fill small spaces and tables.. It's like treasure hunting for me! So anyways, I thought it would be fun to let you into my home, at least to see the small spaces! :) Honestly, I will say that I do rearrange things from time to time or after holidays if I feel like something would fit better in another space..

Here's a few of my guidelines when I decorate:

- Be intentional about what you're buying, make it meaningful to your family or home

- Don't just buy it because it's pretty or cute, make sure it will have a space

- Pick a few colors and maybe a look (ex: rustic) to base your spaces on

- Make it cozy and feeling like a home

- Candles, candles, candles...

- Simplify and don't over-clutter a space

- Be proud of your space and make it meaningful

Ok.. So now for a few pictures that I'll highlight a few things I intentionally did with these spaces..

Here is our fireplace and mantle... I love this area because I switch the theme of it quite often depending on the month and next holiday... This is the every day look though. You want a variation of big and tall, and then, fill in with smaller.. Most of the colors are rustic/wood, so I wanted to add some touches of green... I absolutely LOVE the sign in the middle that I found at a market from Olivewood Designs! It makes a statement and kind of sets the mood for that room. I usually do things in three... So I did three pieces on both sides and then some smaller things like books, a candle and frame in the center.. I found that cute basket to keep our books in from Opalhouse at Target..

Ok, I love greenery... Real is always better so the Spiderplant hanging in the corner is a fave of mine. Here I kind of made it about our family with some frames and then a sign that says "For His Glory and Our Good." A good reminder for us. Again, I love candles, it just warms up a home, even if they are unscented.. I tried to mostly stick to the same colors of the painting on the wall so everything would blend nicely. The wire baskets underneath are also from Target and I used to have big legos in them for the kids.. Now, I'm thinking I'll be using them for blankets.. Also, a few of the things on this table are unique and I love finding these special little pieces (like the crown) that you may not see in other homes.

In our hallway, we have this table that I've changed and changed.. I simplified with just a couple of bigger pieces, some dried greenery on the wall and I love the clean look.. Before, it used to be our "canvas wall" with pictures of our family but I thought it was ultimately too busy.. I also used to keep toys in the bins below, but we went on a toy purge so now they are completely empty.. I kind of like it that I don't HAVE to fill them. And finally, guess what? Another candle.. The trick with the candles is that they need to fit that space.. So I put a larger candle from Anthropologie underneath because a smaller one would just look too small..

Ok, this could be one of my favorite spaces in our home. I had a cross wall and then found the cute Arizona sign again from Olivewood Designs. I had that cushion made (Thanks Cushion King in Phoenix!) and added some cheap little pillows to frame it.. The cactus pillow I bought from a sweet Mama that makes them and I thought it fit well with the colors and Arizona sign.. Now.. That big tall vase of flowers I made myself.. We have this big market here in Scottsdale called Junk in the Trunk and I found that tall metal vase and handpicked each flower... Some big, some smaller, and then some spiller coming out from the sides (thanks Mom for that trick!) She always tells me when you're arranging flowers to have a thriller, some filler and some spiller... :) So fun!

SO this is still a work in progress and will be changing.. That mirror is NOT my fave, we bought it with the house, and also, we'll be replacing this toy cubby piece because hardly anything is in there and I'd love a nicer piece there. As for what's on top, you've probably noticed that I love encouraging quotes, verses or sayings around the house.. They serve as reminders to my family and I... Well and I guess to all who come over! HA. So the wood board has a sign that says, "Choose to be Happy" and the turquoise frame says, "Gratitude Changes Everything." I have a little candle, a lantern, a little vase of cotton to remind me of Lubbock, TX and Texas Tech and then a doily my Oma made underneath it and one of my favorite pictures of my boys when they were little.. So.. when I look at this it brings me joy and a great big smile.. It's meaningful and also goes with the colors I've selected to stay around.

I love hearts, but they've got to be unique.. So here's an example of staying within my blues and turquoise, creams and whites with some rustic touches. This table sits in-between our couches, but it's the first thing you see when you walk in the door... I did this intentionally so everyone sees the hearts, the love and the reminder of that little sign. Instead of just plain white tea lights to go in that little candle holder, I found some cute cactus votives. I change those out for each holiday.

Ok, so this little grouping is at the back of our stovetop. I kind of had to throw a little pink in there somewhere because if you haven't already noticed, I LOVE pink.. So, in my kitchen I have some MacKenzie Childs pieces because I love that they are each hand painted and NOT PERFECT.. Add a little candle to light after dinner is cleaned up, put some greenery and a bottle of tequila and call it a day! :) I change out the picture frame according to what I'm feeling or what holiday it is.

Lastly, this little turquoise hutch was given to us by my parents and it reminds me of the Southwest and them.. I love it! So I also love this little space because it has a lot of little meaningful and special things. A frame with a print from the talented Ruth Chou Simons that my friend Lesley gave me, some stones from various places, a little heart holder Jesse gave me, a little tiny painting my Oma did, some lavender because we all need some calm at bedtime and a picture of the boys.. I like hanging little things from other things.. I may be a weird quirk but it's a Lindsey thing I do.

So, there you have it.. Nothing absolutely breathtaking, but I've been intentional about what I put and where. It flows, it belongs to that area (now I'm sounding a little crazy) and it brings joy! Be intentional about what you have in your home and get rid of all the rest! Simplify, make it fit your family and always make it warm and cozy for when you entertain and have friends and family over.

XOXO, Linds


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