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Summer Lovin' At the Lake

Ok, i admit, i've always been a summer kinda girl.. My sisters and I grew up swimming every summer for a swim team, living our best life at the pool training and them settling down at the cafe eating a huge cinnamon roll (must be nice right?).. I still dream about those perfect cinnamon rolls.. My mom would drop us off, go work out and we basically felt like we ruled that club and every summer that came and went! Growing up in Albuquerque, not many homes had pools. So, we were either swimming at Highpoint or taking a trip with some friends to a lake a couple hours away. Totally bleached out hair, sometimes green from chlorine and tan lines like crazy.. The good old days for sure.. BTW... That's where I met my husband, Jesse! We started our romance when we were 6 on swim team and dang... A speedo never looked so good! :) Hahah (Sorry Deb!)

Anyways, when we moved to Scottsdale, we were surrounded by the wild west and desert everywhere! Never would you know that there are some beautiful lakes hidden in the valleys! My parents decided to join a boat club (they also grew up on the water and missed it) so they are now able to reserve pontoons, speedboats, fishing boats, tubes, jet skis, all the FUN! If you're looking for a place to take the family to, camp, fish, boat, we LOVE Bartlett Lake which is north of Scottsdale. I'm thinking sometime soon the Barnsley family may have to add to the fun and buy a couple of jet skis to bring along! Wouldn't you agree?

One of our favorite things to do is to pack our bags, coolers, put on our swimsuits and head to the lake.. The boys have really just fallen in love with the lake life and pretty soon I know we'll be taking them there to begin their fishing adventures...

Yesterday, we spent the day at the lake, cruising, beaching it, floating and tubing.. Well and snacking and mixing drinks... Nothing better than a quiet day at the lake with family, beautiful weather, a lake to cool off in and smiles all day...

Here's a few pictures of our fun day...

Lake Life is the Best Life.

Ready to rock! I'm obsessed with these retro coolers Target came out with this summer!

Such a perfect size for a family of 4!

My mom is always down for a fun time! Love her beyond..

All onboard.. These float mats are legit! They take up half the boat, but still.

Time for some tubing.. Oliver made it clear he only wanted it to go 12 mph.. :)

My mom was the ultimate tubing champ because the boys were determined to throw her off!

I'm pretty sure she kept a smile on her face the entire time and then got off and said, 'That was FUN!" Keep your youthful side, NANA, we love it!

These babies are my new obsession... I LOVE Melissa sandals and since i don't

ever get to buy the Mini Melissa's, I go for these...

And yes, they have the same scent to them as the minis!

So, I took these to the lake and they are super comfy and padded!

His jam is driving and being in control at all times..

I somehow know someone I live with that's like that too!

Best part about the lake is it wears you out! Lake naps are the best kind!

Don't mind his bleached tips, but that boy most definitely needs a haircut! :)

Until next time...




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