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My Have to Haves Lately...

Remember me saying that I'm in LOVE with Target's Opalhouse candles? Well, I MEAN IT! They are constantly burning around our home and I can't tell you how many I've already gone through OR how many I have in my stock cabinet.. I LOVE the Pink Magnolia scent!

My wonderful Sis in Law, Jasmine sent me the link to this Target dress and said it was a life changer... Well, YES.. It absolutely is and you need it for the summer! It would be totally cute if you don't already have a 4th outfit! I'm wearing a large because of my chest... ;)

Ok... So these stinking cute shoes LOOK like i'm about to work out, but hold your beer (or wine)... THEY ARE WATER SHOES!!!! My dear friend Jordan showed me these because we are going to float the river this weekend and I could not pass them up! There are tons of color options and they are SUPER comfy and you could most definitely wear these around if you needed too. Click here to see which ones fit you!

I've shown you these before, but I'm going to show them again.. They are probably one of the comfiest flip flops I own.. These Melissas have a padded sole and smell just like the Mini Melissas! I promise... GET THEM! And I mean, hello...You had me at the leopard anyways...

My girlfriends and I can not live without a delicious drink these days... Whether it's a frozen pineapple spritzer, a strawberry daquiri with Truly or a Chambord Margarita, we are IN IT, TO WIN IT with Our Momming Game!

I'm a BIG BLUSH girl... Like if I walk out the door, most likely I only have on a tinted mosturizer, blush, mascara and lip gloss.. BUT.. with my blush game, I ALWAYS come back to my very favorites which is Charlotte Tillbury's Pillow Talk.. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!! Truthfully...

Ok.. so this Olaplex Bonding Oil was given to me as a gift for Christmas by a hair dresser and I TOTALLY see why... I'm a HUGH Moroccan Oil girl, but this oil has changed my hair soooo much and adds so much heat protection and shine! LOVE IT!

My Mom showed me this brush on powder sunscreen from Color Science and I am a fan! I usually like to wear something super light when I'm at the pool, lake or outside, so this is the perfect light cover with SPF 50!

I'm pretty picky with my hair ties! Some are way too tight, some pull, some are too loose, blahhhhh! So.. I know the hair tie and scrunchie businesses are killing it right now, but I LOVE these hair rings!

Here in Arizona, it's obviously SUPER dry.. My lips feel the pain, especially in the summer... I stumbled upon this Sun Bum Tinted Moisturizer and fell in love immediately.... It's sooo nourishing, has SPF 15 which is better than none and adds a little tint! There are several shades, but the Sunset Cove is pretty for summer! ALSO... at night I love putting on a good lip mask.. This Laneige Sleeping Mask is soooo smooth and delicious and works wonders.. .You wake up with baby soft lips, and I swear by it!

I have always been a fan of Tarte products, but I DO NOT know how these made it past me until recently... When I get full on ready, I need a good, full coverage and LASTING concealer.. Shape Tape girls is truly a gem.. It does not wear off and covers all the dark areas and spots sooo nicely.. And then I tried their water foundation... DANG! If you want a full coverage face, this does the trick.. A little bit goes a LONG way and it always stays on for as long as needed...

Being Mama, gets super exhausting... Especially in the extreme 100's heat and mid-afternoons.. This will always be my go to (after water of course) for cold brew... I LOVE making myself a nice iced, Stok Cold Brew with my beloved Califia Farms Almondmilk Creamer.. No need for paying at a coffee shop, just have these two on hand, and you're golden! Whole Foods, Sprouts and Target carry Stok!

We eat A LOT of fruit around here, and when we entertain we always have it too.. Nothing beats an easy summer fruit salad like this one with strawberries, blueberries and grapes... If your fruit is super dry like it can sometime be or not sweet, I will sometimes make a simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water) and drizzle a bit over.. I know, I know.. BUT... Sometimes extra sweetness is required.. :)

Hello summer wine!!! The bottle is plastic and is totally pool safe! :) If you like Rose, you'll like this one this summer! Check Whole Foods for this Rose!

I am in a weird phase right now with my drinks... (As you may already have been able to tell.) Whether it's a LaCroix, a Bubbly, a water, beer, Truly, whatever.. It needs a koozie now.. This one obviously is my favorite, because DUH... Wreck Em, Tech..

But just LOOK at what I found at Target... These are just the ones that came home, and there were tons more... HOW CUTE, right? You can't beat $3.00 either... And BTW, these are just mine and my girlfriends to use.. Jesse can find his own, hahah.

Whenever Peony season comes around, they literally live in a vase as long as they are sold... My house won't be without them.. The best are found at Trader Joe's if you didn't already know the secret!

Our favorite sunscreen this season is Coola! Our Walgreens down the street sells it, so that's a big bonus for us, but you'll want to sunscreen up with this because it smells heavenly... I love the guava & mango and also have used the peach... Oh, and the ONLY magazine I subscribe to is Magnolia Journal... I used to be a magazine junkie, but I'm cleaning up my life. HAH!

These adorable 14K gold filled bracelets with my guys names on them are so cherished and adored! You can follow Jessica at @byjessicalei on Instagram and order there! She is in AZ and is a sweet Mama to two adorable kids!!! I am a big fan of supporting small businesses/local businesses and this one is a must!

I found these fun, shimmering wedges at Target and have already worn them out and about! They are super comfy and I love the zipper in the front, allowing an easy to get on kinda wedge! Yay, Target... I'll love you forever!

Things for us have picked back up a bit and I'm out and about more... Which means, I don't always have time to make something healthy to take with me.. These Epic Bars are PERFECT snack and come in several different flavors... Target sells a small variety, but we usually order through Amazon.. I LOVE the Chicken Sriracha and Beef Jalapeno! Also, I always get a ton of compliments on these sunnies which I have in every color because I LOVE them that much.. FOR $12 YOU CAN'T BEAT IT...

Don't freak out... Girls, this will change your life! Gross I know, but in the summertime, my feet are always pretty on the top, but yucky on the bottom from the dryness and me walking around barefoot so often.. They take a toll nonetheless.. Soooo... To get rid of that horrible cracked and yucky feeling, you MUST try this!!! You literally wrap your feel in these booties for an hour, wash them off and then in 5-7 days they start PEELING!!!! Ok... So... I know.. Weird.. BUT SO SATISFYING! It's like you're giving your feet the best chemical peel of their lifetime! They don't call it Baby Foot for no reason... Your feet literally have new skin and they are SOOO soft and have a fresh start! Just be aware that because your feet peel, you'll want to be mindful of when you do this... No flaky feet walking around people, nobody wants to see that.. (Jesse did have a minor heart attack when he saw mine peeling, but hey... you live with a girl! Suck it up buttercup!) :)

Here is what it looks like in the box! Baby Foot is the original foot peel, so Ulta carries it or I even found it at Target this week! LOVE IT!

Last, but not least.. It's the year of the Tye-Dye come back and I'm here for the party! We had so much fun dying our own shirts, but I'm no pro and definitely still wanted a cute little cover up for all the days of my summer life this year... I found this one and it's totally a winner!




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