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My Amazon Picks for Kids

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

So, it's summertime (long days ahead, right?) and that means we are prepping with a few new summer fun things to do around the house! Nobody is coming in more clutch right now than Amazon.. It makes me super giddy when I see that something will be delivered the next day! :) Something about this Quarentine thing has me loving clicking the order button.. My husband doesn't necessarily like it though! Oops. Thank goodness they've caught back up because for awhile there everything was taking about 2 weeks to be delivered and it may or may not have taught me about having more patience. Hah!

Here we go..

To start out, how about the cutest tee EVER? If this doesn't scream summertime I don't know what does? And hello 4th of July!!! You'll see the Barnsley boys in these, for sure!

Cutest Summer Tee

Next Up: I don't know about you, but we take lots of road trips, flights and spend lots of time in the car around town.. So, I found these adorable pencil bags for the boys and got them each some twistable crayons to go inside. Also, since they'll be sitting alongside us in church for the time being, these will come in handy!

Cute Monster Zip Pouch

Pink Heart Box with key and lock Case

Twistable Crayons

So, my boys have a slight obsession with fishing lately.. There are some small ponds and lakes around here that they want to try their master fishing skills at.. So, we went ahead and ordered them each their own tackle box that comes with some starter pieces for them! There are 55 pieces in this box and for the price, you can't beat it! Happy fishing! :) Oh and if you have a Cricut or name labels, it's cute to personalize these too!

Kids Tackle Box

If you're kids are like mine and are outside all the time, they may be due for a new hat! These are great for golfing, hiking, at the beach, neighborhood walks, whatever.. They run a little big (my kids have big heads,) but I'd rather buy bigger so they can keep for longer than them constantly growing out of everything in a month! :)

Titleist Hats

Something fun for at the park or in frontyard of your house is this cool Stomp Rocket! It's always fun to beat your sibling or yourself, or husband at who can stomp harder!

Stomp Rocket

If you know us, you know we LOVE swimming! And we love diving for all kinds of things! I found the perfect 30 piece set with all different things to make it more fun and unique! Believe me.. this will keep them busy for awhile! :)

Diving Set

Ok, if you haven't seen these before, just you wait! I've heard them called all sorts of different names, but we call them Water Beads.. They are tiny when they come, but when you soak them in water, they fill up and your kids will be obsessed! They are great for sensory play and you can fill up a kiddie pool, cooler, bowl, tupperware, whatever you want with them! They are squishy and if they spill, they dry up and are easy to clean.. Really they just eventually disintegrate which helps to know when you're buying something like this!

Water Beads

We used these teaching for something fun for the kids to do during free time and if you haven't heard of these either, get ready to be amazed. They are Shrinky Dinks and you basically color the design and then bake them and they turn into tiny little pictures.. You can make keychains for backpacks or whatever you want. My boys LOVE the magic of these!

Shrinky Dinks

We always want to keep the kids hydrated during the summer and I'm a big fan of water bottles that hold enough water and are easy to clean. Not ten million parts and easy to take, and ok if they lose them because they are about $7.00. Perfect also if they have a practice or game!

Gatorade Water Bottle

My boys go crazy over a fun ball to play with! This Moon Ball can go up to 100 Ft. in the air! How fun is that? It's small so they can take it anywhere and if they bounce it into someone's yard, it's not a big loss!

Moon Ball

Last but not least, we love playing these two simple but super fun games! Nothing better than Go Fish and Left, Right, Center! They are both for the whole family and great for teaching kids they don't always win! :) By the way, Left, Right, Center can be played with the chips it comes with OR money! We love playing with quarters or if we feel lucky, dollars which really ups the ante.

Go Fish

Left Right Center

I hope this gives you a few new fun ideas or even gift ideas. I know around our house, good behavior and doing chores can earn you special things. So maybe a sticker chart, behavior system can be implemented at your house to earn some of these things! I can't help the teacher in me, but trust me when I say that a behavior chart works! I really mean it! Happy summer, and here's to lots of good ol' fashioned fun!




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