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Jesse's Girl

Their hero.. (Yes Brantson went to dinner on Father's Day with one sandal and a slipper..)

Oh girls... I just have to dedicate a post to this.. I really feel like I hit the Mega Jackpot when I married Jesse... I mean, we've known each other since we were 6 years old on swim team, grew up together with the same friends and on and on... We totally went out when we were 13 one summer and had this little summer love fling.. It was super awkward because we were 13 and I had my braces on, and we both were just nervous as all get out... I think Jesse tried to kiss me in a tent and I called it off.. I know, he was moving way too fast for me... What a crazy person, I know! We always had this little twinkle in our eye for each other, but we both ended up in other serious relationships in high school. It wasn't until our freshman year in college that I got am Instant Message on AIM from Jesse (after I broke up with my boyfriend.) He was totally ready for the rebound (no offense, Jes) and I was TOTALLY ready for him to catch me. :) So, after talking a bunch long distance (he was at Pepperdine and I was at Texas Tech) we came to the conclusion that we were super excited to come home to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving.. Well we met up back home and the rest was history... We knew that was it the MINUTE we saw each other... I didn't just look at him as a cute boyfriend, he was marrying material and I wasn't going to let him go.. I know a good thing when I see it and Jesse checked all the boxes, plus extras!

Needless to say, the poor guy didn't know what he was getting into when he married me.. I mean, the first 5 years of our marriage was pretty easy going... He toured around playing golf, I was a teacher and we lived in our tiny 1 bedroom condo. After following a new path 5 years into our marriage, Jesse took a job in Scottsdale for medical device sales. I packed up my classroom and house and we moved out to the wild west. I was pregnant during this time with Oliver so everything took a little bit more time. Little did Jesse know what was about to go down with my water breaking 2 months early, hospital bedrest and a baby in the NICU... He has literally been a champ since day 1. Then, two years later, that all led to having our second baby 2 years later and then me getting whacked upside the head with Postpartum Psychosis..Pretty unreal, and no husband ever wants to see their wife go through that...

I'm telling you what.. If I've ever seen someone demonstrate the definition of strength and dignity, his name is Jesse. I put him through the ringer, obviously not on purpose, but just because that's what God had in store for us. He has held my hand through it all, been there to pray with me and loved me unconditionally, even when I'm sure it would have been easier to walk away..

Jesse is many things.. He is fearless leader, faithful and loyal, selfless and devoted, strong and bold, compassionate and heartfelt, and I could go on and on.. I will be forever grateful for God's hand in leading us together and I treasure every moment I get with my guy...

We loved celebrating you Jes for Father's Day and know just how blessed we are to have you... We love you forever and ever and know how lucky we are to have you! Thank you for all that you are for us daily..

His request... Homemade waffles for the King. :)

So handsome..

They literally could not love him more..

XOXO, Linds


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