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"I need to call 911, I've been drugged.."

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Part 3 of our journey...

(For privacy purposes, I won't be naming any names of family members)

I was 2 months postpartum and it was 2 weeks after I had my 6 week postpartum checkup that we had family coming in town to spend some time with us.. It was so nice because one family member played with Oliver while the other helped either around the house or with the baby. It gave me time to rest and I still felt like everything was great!

It wasn't until I started convincing myself that something was off about the way these family members were behaving... I started to panic, get nervous and was at the point where I was watching them like a hawk. I can't remember all the details but I specifically remember Oliver being fed lunch in his high chair. He had some chicken, peas and something else. I wanted him to eat a few peas so I told him that he needed to. One family member was watching him eat and while I went to go check on Brantson in the other room, I felt like I needed to come back to check on Oliver for some reason.. His peas were all gone in what seemed like a very short amount of time. When I asked this family member if he ate all of them, they replied yes while holding something behind their back. This really got me thinking and doubting and super nervous. What was it? Why were they trying to hide something from me? I was his mom and just asked him to eat his lunch. I never saw what they were holding but I stored it in my mind.

Then while I was finishing up some dishes, a family member was in Brantson's room. So, me being untrusting at this point went to go check on them. I remember "seeing" this person standing over the crib and moving their finger across his face saying, "He has nice tracking." I thought that was odd and again, added it to my "list."

Later that afternoon or evening Oliver had a severe butt rash. It was bright red and he was hysterical.. Anytime we would try to put anything on it he would just scream bloody murder.. He DID NOT want to go to bed in his bedroom and kept pointing to sleep in ours. I thought to myself, "what happened in there to get him so scared and why does he have a serious rash?" At this point, my mind obviously started going to the worst case possible and I started convincing myself of horrible things. That night Brantson woke up with a rash as well and now I was just beside myself... Panic. Horror. What the hell is happening, all which mostly happened while Jesse was at work.

That night I talked to Jesse and told him everything! Everything I "saw," everything I assumed and thought. He couldn't believe it! That night, they boys were both up crying and in pain from their rash... It was awful. The next morning I told Jesse that we needed to have the family come back from their hotel to discuss all our concerns and tell them how highly inappropriate they were, how upset we were and that they needed to give us answers. So we made the call.. They came over and we met in Brantson's room. I explained everything I "saw" and "heard" and I was frankly furious.. There were denials, tears, walking out of the room and finally I said, "Well to solve all of this, we are taking the kids to the pediatrician to be evaluated." I stormed out of the room, they left, we gathered the kids and hoped in the car. I called to let them know that we were on our way because I felt that something had happened to them.

We arrived at the pediatrician and as you can imagine, they were anticipating us. We were taken right back and seen within minutes.. After seeing both the boys and me describing what I thought happened to them, they informed us that it didn't look like anything was done sexually and the rash could have been due to food they ate, etc... I wasn't buying it.. Something happened to my kids while Jesse was at work and I was scared as hell. I told the nurse, "Well, I think maybe they were given something or drugged somehow and that's how this horrible rash and screaming came to be." She told us that if we thought that, we needed to take them immediately to a lab so they could collect a urine sample.

We quickly left, called the lab, went right there, was immediately seen and somehow made our 2 year old pee on demand in a cup... We waited for results and nothing showed up..It was negative. NO! NO! NO! Something freaking happened to my boys and I don't know what the hell it was but something bad... We left and came home..

As soon as we got home I started feeling sick.. Sweaty, nervous, confused, blurry, and then I saw a phone call from my friend Lesley. I explained what happened but I couldn't quite figure out what she was trying to tell me on the phone... It wasn't making sense. I told her, "Lesley, now I feel like I was drugged." She replied with a "Well then do you think you should call 911?" And at that point I didn't know.. I didn't know what do to, what was making sense and how to answer... I finally said I would and hung up the phone. The fire department and ambulance soon showed up, took my vitals and asked me what happened... I repeated the whole story again and then they asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital... "Well, if that means I'll get drug tested, than yes!" I said.. So, they put me on the stretcher, and off we went to the hospital down the street. I just remember the paramedics talking to me and everything was spinning.. It was foggy, not making sense.. I saw a police car following our ambulance and cones set up in the street to block other cars from coming behind us. Wow! This was a bigger deal than I thought.. "They are totally busted and blocking in those family members because they did a very bad thing and they were going to finally catch them..Surely this wasn't the first time they did something."

As I was put in triage everything was still spinning.. A lady was by my bedside asking me a lot of questions about everything.. I didn't know who she was but she wasn't a nurse. Once I was settled, monitors on, and drugs possibly given, they took me in for a cat scan and also to pee in a cup. Then there was silence for awhile while I was by myself... Until I started hearing the voices of my friend Lesley somewhere in the hospital.. How did she get here so quickly I thought? Or has she been here all along and her kids like mine were also a part of this child sex trafficking plot I thought was happening.. Then I heard one of her family members voice, my old Principals voice and some other high school teachers voices. What the hell? How are they all here at the hospital? OHHHHHH I know!!!!! It's a sting operation and all these people were in it together!!!! That's it.. What sick people that all connected themselves to do this and base it out of Scottsdale.

As I layed there, I saw two sweet and beautiful little girls in white dresses walk by my hospital bed. Please God.. I hope they are finally safe from those awful people and now at the hospital because this whole thing has finally been uncovered. I heard a bunch of kids next to me and I just knew they were all in to be evaluated because I heard someone say, "Sit still, I just need to look." There was a lot of commotion in that hospital and I was sure that they were keeping all of the victims inside and had a giant area set up outside for all the "bad people."

Jesse finally arrived and sat with me. "Where are the kids I asked him?" He said they were with other family members and are safe and happy. I didn't know who to trust at this point.. "Are those family members gone?" I asked. "Yes." He replied. Good.. Jesse would leave and then come back, leave and then come back. I started to doubt him. What was he up to? Where was he going? Does he know something I don't? He went to the cafeteria and brought back something like an enchilada for me to eat. Ughh No, thanks.. That sounds awful and plus, who knows what's in there? So he ate it. Tears started building up in his eyes. "Linds, what's going on babe?" He said. I couldn't tell him all the things I just heard and what I had figured out.. I would need to be a key part in this investigation and I didn't want to let any information out. "Nothing babe, I'll be fine!"

The nurses came back in the room and Jesse had brought me something on his phone to show me.. While crying and sounding desperate, he said, "Lindsey, I need you to say that you have this." "Have what?" I asked. "This.. Postpartum Psychosis." He showed me the phone with the symptoms. They included: auditory hallucinations, delusional beliefs, disoriented with place and time, changing moods, thinking you've got it all figured out, and others. He looked at me dead in the eye and said, "This is what you have. You need to say this is it so we can get you better sooner." So, reluctantly I admitted that but in my heart I was just doing it so I could ultimately let everyone know the truth of all this chaos.

A family member of mine soon showed up.. "Oh... so you're a part of it all too, huh?" "How'd you get here so quickly with that little suitcase..??" Clearly she was staying here somewhere and quickly came to the hospital to try and hide. I knew her secret. Jesse took her suitcase and I knew right where he was taking it! It was going to be checked by the police and she isn't fooling me. I was pretty cold to her and she was speechless. Yep. Speechless because she was busted. It's the end of the game for all these people hurting these kids and even if our family members go down with it, then so be it. I was now protecting the children, that was my mission.

I was moved upstairs to a room where I would stay for 5 days. They would monitor me, I would take walks around that floor and knew that these people were all victims just like me. A nurse came by that knew Jesse! They worked together. She was so sweet.. Jesse introduced her and she brought her phone with her to show me a picture of her son. I smiled, and then I didn't. Oh my gosh, that looks exactly like Jesse!!!! Oh I was pissed. He had another child with a freaking nurse? You've got to be kidding me? Now, Jesse was on the "not to trust list" and I was so upset. What's wrong with this world I thought?

Soon family members began to come in town. I was sure the hospital was all set up now with cameras for anyone who came in, and they had to show identification etc. I felt like there was military surrounding me in that hospital because it was a huge military operation at this point. There was even a police office that would walk by my room frequently. I remember that I would just sit at the window in my room and watch them leave to their car while I was left alone in the room with my thoughts. As I looked out the window I noticed there were baseball fields not far away and the lights were on. "Oh!!! I see.. It makes even more sense! Everyone was coming in town to see the concert that was being held at the fields that showcased these poor children. " How disgusting! Even my own family members were using their musical abilities to play and their plan was to use my children as their entertainment up on stage." Well too bad now, because I had it all figured out and that concert was not going to happen because the police were on it. People were being busted and lives were being changed. People I trusted were going to jail and kids I knew were being saved! I celebrated that in my own mind.

One of the days I was in the hospital my doctor came to see me.. "Lindsey! What happened? I just saw you!" "I know." I simply replied. But I couldn't explain everything to him, I just smiled. Jesse had called him in a panic because he didn't know what else to do. How could this be happening to his wife? She just had a baby.. He needed answers. But it was unexplainable. They kept calling it, "the perfect storm" in the hospital and I agreed... It all happened for a reason.. For me to be able to save all the innocent lives and for these awful people to be exposed. I felt like I had powers to be able to see these things and know exactly what was going on. It felt like a higher power almost.

I stayed there 5 days because they were waiting on a bed to open at "another hospital." A hospital I was told that would get me home sooner to my babies.. I was starting to get anxious because that's all I needed. I needed to be home with my babies, safe and sound. When it came time, I was told that they found a bed for me and to start getting ready to be transferred by ambulance down to Chandler.

Why was I going all the way to Chandler I thought? I live in Scottsdale and that's quite a bit aways away. Well, if it gets me home to my babies, then, I guess that's what we'll do. So, again, I was put on a stretcher and left in the ambulance as Jesse followed.. I was SOOOO tired so I closed my eyes, fell asleep and then woke up to my new hospital doors.

Hospital? This place looked like a one story building and I didn't see one doctor around. Well shit. They lied to me again... Where was I now?




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