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"I'm Pregnant Again..!!??"

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Part 2 of our journey...

We always knew that we wanted babies close together.... Kinda a wham, bam, thank you mamn, done with diapers and bottles as soon as we can thing... So as soon as it was confirmed that I was pregnant at my OB office, my Dr. had me come into his office to discuss the plan for this time around.. Considering that no one knew why my water broke so early, we wanted to take the appropriate measures to eliminate any risks this time around.. Even with all the excitement that comes when you see those two pink lines, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't immediately nervous... So many questions.. Would it happen again? Would I have another preemie? Would I miscarry? What would happen? I was now considered more on the high risk side of things which meant more visits, more limitations and later on, more tests, etc.

Everything (like the first pregnancy) went smoothly. It wasn't until about 16 weeks (or sometime in my second trimester) that I started going in for a WEEKLY progesterone shot in my butt. Progesterone shots were using in hopes of eliminating any kind of preterm labor. My doctors office was way the hell downtown so to do this weekly was kind of a pain in the butt (no pun intended.) I had to either take Oliver with me or wait until Jesse was off of work. These shots were fine but sometimes depending on where they were given, I'd have a reaction like a big ol' welt.. Some weeks were brutal, and it was a very big reaction..Others nothing, and it was just chalked up to be strange at the time. We weren't sure what was happening but apparently they figured out that one of the nurses wasn't getting them in the right spot.. Just my kinda luck.. Hah.

Along with my shots, I had to start doing a test called the Fetal Fibronectin. It was used to rule out premature labor that could possibly start within 7-10 days. I started these sometime around 22 weeks and went up until 35 weeks. They were done every couple of weeks. After every test, the the nurse would call me with the test results. I still remember the anticipation of those calls, "Hi Lindsey, this is ______ from Dr. _______ office, your test came back negative." PHewwww.. Thank the Lord.. As I approached 30 weeks, the nerves started kicking in again because well, at that point I was in the hospital with my first and a ruptured sac. It was somewhere between 30-32 weeks that the nurse called, left a voicemail and said, "Hi Lindsey, this is _________ from Dr. ________ office, your test result came back positive. We need you to be on strict bedrest at home, drink lots of fluids and minimize your stress and activity. If you have any questions, please give us a call back"

Making bedrest look glamorous

Excuse me? Is this really happening again? I remember calling Jesse in tears telling him the news. Except this time around I have an almost 2 year old running around that now I can't be chasing after!!! What's that supposed to look like for a mom with no family in town? Well... we started making phone calls.. My mom, my Mother in Law, Sisters, etc, could anyone come help watch the kids and help with meals until we make it to whenever I either ended up in the hospital or my scheduled due date which was July 27th? So, my MIL came for about 2 weeks I think, my Mom came for another few weeks, and I think maybe my two sisters each came for a bit of time as well..I can't really remember too well because it was all a blur and all I could think about was "I have to keep this baby in." I'm pretty sure I took one more test around 35 weeks and got the call that it was negative.. So that meant, everyone could go home and I could carry on as usual.. What a shock honestly and big surprise, but I still was uneasy.

It was almost like a dream come true just counting the weeks and seeing that I was getting closer and closer to my scheduled 39 week due date for my c-section. Family started coming in as we approached that date, we celebrated my birthday on the 26th and I actually had time to pack bags, take a nice shower, do my hair and feel prepared as I left the morning of the 27th of July to meet our second son, Brantson. Wow? We really did it? Is this what it feels like to actually come into the hospital full term and ready to have a baby? I even remember taking a picture of me in front of the hospital as like a "Hooray" picture! We did do it. Jesse and I had the biggest smiles..

From there on out, it was the easiest thing in the world.. I knew what to expect and around 9:00am they wheeled me back to the OR (Operating Room) for my c-section.. I think as a pregnant mom, you're always a bit nervous until you see that baby and are holding it in your arms.. So, I had another pile of blankets on my upper body to keep me warm and to stop my shaking. Soon enough I heard the cry and one of the baby's nurses brought Brantson over to me, Jesse and I got the picture and this time, there was only a few people in the OR. It wasn't the whole team like last time. I watched as they cleaned him off, weighed him, did all the things and then they wrapped him up in a blanket and Jesse held him until my Dr. was done with me. We all got rolled to my postpartum room together..

It was the nurse, Jesse rolling Branton's bassinet and me in the bed. I was in 7th Heaven.. My baby was actually with me this time.. I wasn't alone in my room. They put Brantson on me right away for skin to skin and I could have just melted.. I started after a bit nursing him even... Everything was right in the world.. My mom was there to come visit and my dad was at home with Oliver.. They were going to bring him up later dressed in his big brother outfit. What could a mom want more than to be able to walk in, have her healthy baby and then go about normalcy after that? Ahhhh what a sigh of relief. He was just perfect... Nice and plump, I could hold him without wires and cords attached and no jaundice.

My parents soon came with Oliver and it was just the sweetest to see the brothers meet for the first time.. Jesse's parents soon came and everyone could finally feel at rest now that I made it, the baby was healthy and this was all more normal feeling. We soon left the hospital when we were ready to be discharged and all drove home as a family of four. Again.. What a dream! I was wheeled out with my baby this time and could leave the hospital with my baby.. It's the things that are taken for granted that sometimes we don't realize just how much of a blessing they really are. We didn't even have to open those NICU doors this time.

Life resumed as normal and as crazy as it was to manage a two year old and newborn, family stayed for a bit to help and I recovered much quicker than the first time around. In all honesty, I felt amazing, like on top of the world amazing! So much energy, so happy, walking around like I wasn't just sliced in half for the second time and life was just so great! I was getting our new normal down while Jesse went back to work, was able to exclusively nurse Brantson and life with two just seemed so much easier than I was thinking.. It must have been my "reward" for having a rough 1st go round, right?

It was time for my 6 week postpartum check up with my doctor. I was so excited to see him to thank him for all he had done while I was pregnant, being able to keep me pregnant until 39 weeks..He always does an exam check up and then brings his patients into his office where he asks more of the personal questions and discusses anything that should come up in the exam. I always loved this about him, it was like a safe zone. I felt like I could talk to him about any and everything and it was always judgement free. Since it was my 6 week postpartum check up, he asked me how everything was going, and more in depth questions like they always do to detect possible depression, etc.... I remember having the biggest smile on my face and explaining to him how grateful I was to be able to have had everything go smoothly, leaving me feeling like I was on top of the world!!! "It's just been so easy this time around Dr. ____." I remember talking for awhile about different issues and being in there a good 30 minutes at least. He was that interested and cared that much to be able to talk to me for that long.. That's hard to find these days in a doctor. I told him we were expecting my in laws to come in about 2 weeks and I was excited for them to help out some while Jesse was at work, etc. He was so proud of me and we left the office with a big hug... "I'll see you for your annual check up, Lindsey.." He said. Sounds great! No more shots, or tests, I can come in here next time as a normal woman.

Little did we know what was coming next... My doctor would be visiting me in the hospital in just a few weeks....




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