• Lindsey

I'm a "Mahomie" For Life...

Well, this Super Bowl was different this year... Both Jesse and my family had a lot of skin in the game.. Jesse has been a Niners fan his entire life because of his Dad growing up in the Bay Area, and both my sisters live in Kansas/Missouri... All that being said, the young, amazing and one of a kind, Patrick Mahomes came from Texas Tech under Coach Kliff Kingsbury (Now the Arizona Cardinals coach.). So all I wanted was a good game, no injuries and the best team to win... Even though a few calls were missed here and there, and I'm pretty set on the fact that the dude's foot was definitely out when they called it a TD, no excuses... Like a Dad at preschool drop-off said, "Winning is Winning..." He was a former NFL player so I just agreed... Ha! I was cheering on Mahomes because he's probably my favorite player but I also wanted the win for Jesse and our boys because they are true fans..

So, I'm proud (always am) to be a Red Raider for life and proud that we had the privilege of having Mahomes on our team. It's a win for the Tech Alumni for sure and that I can settle on! Don't be surprised if you see the Niners back at it again next year because that team is ridiculously talented! Jimmy GQ, Bosa, Deebo Samuel and Kittle are just beasts.

So, cheers to you Mahomes for leading your team to the big win!




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