• Lindsey

Hey Girls, Let's Do This Thing Called Life!

Friends, family & you all that will become friends…. Do you even know how long I’ve been dreaming of this moment? It’s HERE!!!! Welcome and get ready for some fun… I promise to not leave you short of finding pretty things, inspiration and motivation to live your best life, and lots of ideas for basically all of my favorite things life has to offer!

I kind of want to still say “Happy New Year, “ so… Happy New Year (now blow your horn!) A new year always means a clean start.. A lot of us purge our homes till nothing is even left, get out our shiny new calendars (or is that just me that lives in the 1900’s,) set new goals or intentions for what we want our year to look like, hit the gym like it’s going outta business, and on and on…

Well it all sounds nice and all, but can I simply it for us? A new year does not have to mean a new you.. Kinda like the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” deal. You have already been made perfect my friends. “You are beautiful for you are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14 Now I’m not saying that being mentally healthy and physically healthy aren’t important, I’m just saying that if we are purging all the junk, why don’t you go ahead and purge the junk you think about yourselves? We don’t give enough credit to our Creator for making us just perfect in His image, do we? We believe the lies that we aren’t enough, we aren’t like "her", we can’t do it, we aren’t strong enough.. Anxiety, fear, worry, doubt, lies all quietly seep into our souls and hold us back from what God intended us to be. Girls, it’s time… Let’s get it right and detox the junk and negativity in our lives and live for joy, peace and love. You with me on that?

My goal with this blog is that first and foremost you know how valued YOU are! I don’t care if we know each other or not, but you are loved. I might highlight my favorite things, post about food, crafts, decor, my kids, etc. but mostly, I believe you have found me because you feel safe enough to do life together. We’re a team.. Without you, I couldn’t do this. So… please know that if you ever have questions, comments, concerns, send them my way! I may get deep and share way more than most but it’s because I feel like it’s my way of reaching out to let you know… I’ve been there… I am her… I can relate… I’m not perfect and never will I try to be.. I am like you!!! I have good and bad days, health issues to battle, trials in my marriage, tough days with my kids and on and on.. So please, if there is one thing I ask, it would be this… Let’s be real with each other… No one likes fake (unless it’s a Gucci belt from Amazon…) Ha! Score for $30! But really, let’s have fun, let’s find some fun and pretty things to talk about and let’s get to business! Glad you’re here and get comfy, because we’re just getting started!




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