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Family Night Out

We have made it a priority in our family to intentionally set dates for Family Night Out! We budget it in monthly and plan to spend money on all going out as a family. Don't get me wrong, Jes and I love our time together out alone or with friends, but we equally love taking the boys to experience life and all that there is out there to discover. (Except for Disney... Maybe we will get there at some point..) We are a HUGE sports family, don't discriminate against any sport really, and the boys have also found a passion for sports, which is fun to see evolve. There is never not a ball in our front yard, back yard, car, garage, on our roof...

We don't ever want to be those parents that force them into anything they don't love or enjoy, but we also know all the many life lessons, character building, perseverance and strength it takes mentally to learn and play sports. Sports were a HUGE part of both Jesse and I's life growing up, and they definitely helped shaped us as adults. Now, I've had multiple surgeries from playing, but I honestly wouldn't trade those for anything.. Especially my free nose job that I got after a head came cracking down on my nose during a soccer game on Homecoming night... I still went... crooked nose and all! :) Just, as I get older, promise me you'll help wheel me around in my wheelchair from all the knee surgeries! :)

Anyways, because Jesse works in the Medical Device Industry, he sometimes gets some awesome perks! One of his top docs, Dr. Ferry (Which is also my Ortho Doc- big shout out to him for fixing my knee) happens to be one of the Phoenix Suns team Drs. So... He was so kind and offered his tickets to us this weekend. If you could have seen the boys faces, it was priceless! We were able to see the team run out from the locker room, do their pre-game pump up chant, and pretty much sit on the floor behind their bench... Guys.. I don't know if I've ever seen a collection of men this tall in person IN MY LIFE! How do you even grow to be 6'11? For real!!!!???

Anyways, besides the boys loving the dancing cheerleaders right in front of us (help me now), they loved watching the up close dunks, drinking and eating all they wanted, watching the sweet intro with the players that had fire and mostly they just loved being a part of it all. This is when I love these times with my family because they felt so special and that alone is priceless! I urge you to make time for your family.. I understand budgets are all different, but do things you normally wouldn't do, save up for a special night out and make your kids be a part of it! They'll treasure those memories forever, I promise you that!

Oh and note to self, don't let your child take pictures with your phone... I found one of a cheerleader booty... So embarrassing.

Here are some fun pictures from our night with the Suns!

Love on those kids!

XOXO, Linds


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