About Lindsey

Well, Hi Ya'll and Welcome!

    I’m so glad we found each other! I’m a wife, and a mama to two boys. I LOVE spending quality time with my family and friends! In fact, for me the more I get to see them, the fuller my heart becomes.  There’s never too much time… If there’s a party to throw or get together to have, you better believe I’ll be ready to find a theme and dazzle it up!  I am a sports fan and have always been the type to have a ball in my hand ready to throw while wearing glittery heels… Not gonna lie.. I can throw a mean spiral.. (Thanks Dad!)  I love watching baseball with the Arizona Diamondbacks, any and all football, especially Texas Tech, and when my knees could take it, I loved playing soccer or any sport for fun!


    I am a total extrovert and LOVE being around people… Never too many friends and I always love making time for all of them. Even people I don’t know, I will find something to talk to them about! I am NOT a morning person but boy do I LOVE my coffee!!! I have quite a sweet tooth so that’s where my love for baking came into play.  If you don’t already personally know me, I love the Lord with all my heart! Like big LOVE! My life would be completely different without Him in it! 


    After my second son was born (2 months postpartum) I went through the most difficult time of my life and was hospitalized for Postpartum Psychosis. I was monitored at a psychiatric hospital, suffered from severe PTSD, depression, and anxiety.  It came out of nowhere and my life felt like it flipped upside down.  Jesus literally saved my life.  I am beyond blessed to have had such amazing and wonderfully supportive family and friends to care and look after me, my husband and our children.  This is a topic I’ve become so passionate about and is near and dear to my heart. I hope in some small way I can bring more awareness to mental illness and postpartum treatment for mamas. Please always feel like you can chat with me, have questions, need support, guidance, etc.  I have been there.  


    I am truly married to my best friend who challenges me everyday to be my best.  As stubborn as we both can be, we make a pretty great team.  Let’s just say, we balance each other out nicely between our competitiveness and soft sides! Our two boys are energy filled from sun up ‘till sun down!  They love all things sports, outdoors, rough and tough and dirt… But… They sure are learning how to treat their mama like a Queen and I don’t mind that one bit. We have two dogs… Winston is a rescue and mostly loves being by himself, getting all the treats and snuggling with mom.  Our lab, Benji is full of fun, energy, and loves chewing shoes.  There’s never a minute he is not by our side.  


    My parents.. There are no words to describe how much I love them.  I’m so thankful for all they have taught me about life and the importance of working hard, being kind, loving nature and having fun.  They live close by and we love going over for Nana’s AMAZING cooking and baking, and my Dad’s mean brisket.. The older they get the more fun they get… It seems like their retired life is busier than life with kids.. HA! My Dad, Papa has a new nickname of “Chuck Wagon” since he now sits on the foul line at the Diamondbacks games ready for foul balls that come his way.. I have a twin sister and younger sister that keep me in check and love more than life.. When we all get together it’s my time for girl time and I will always treasure my time with them.  


    Because I’ve seen the darkest of days, I now know how treasured and precious life and loving others truly is.  I’m here for YOU!  Not just someone to write long posts, post pretty pictures and make you think my life is perfect.. I’m HERE! Going through life with YOU, loving you and praying for you.  I’m Lindsey and LET’S DO THIS…  



Thanks for your message! xoxo, Linds


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